The Cornucopic Contraptions of the Green Man

It is a cold breezy night on the playa, you are cold and shivering and your blinky light has disappeared once again.   You see a group of laughing people moving towards you in the distance. As they near, you realize they are gathered around a warm wood burning fire caldron in the form of a headless woman. The patchwork skin is glowing red hot and the flames flowing from the neck create a fiery face. Long sparkly arms shoot from the armless shoulders as the wood settles in the body of this (HOT MAMA). You share a few laughs as you realize you are moving across the playa. You make some new friends and join in the pushing of the wheeled caldron. You have just become part of a temporary community moving across the distant plane. You are offered a drink of water as the relaxed procession is gliding from one art installation to the next. You see in the distance another group coming near they have another sculpture in the form of a headless man (MR. NICE GUY) the groups come together at a red glowing rooster that is being ridden by a couple of people. You suddenly realize you have moved across the entire desert surrounded by a group of changing, fun loving participants that are tinkering with The Cornucopic Contraptions of the Green Man.

Man, Woman and the Waking rooster. MR. NICE GUY, HOT MAMA and the RED HOT COCK are metal fire caldron effigies of fertility reflecting the need for a new perspective and change in the use of fuel for life in the coming times ahead. The literal transfer of the solar energy = sun through the tree will be the focus of this all natural night time heat source and entertaining "fire TV show". They will entice as they warm the participants of the event and make their way around the playa in there nightly firings - performance and fun time brigade.

The sculptures we would like to bring to the playa have not been to the Black Rock desert as of yet. We would like to emphasize the art of recycling by bringing two or three sculptures that already exist and one brand new sculpture that is made from scraps and such.

First, HOT MAMA represents the Mother/Mama/Earth Girl, the fertile hope for renewing the sacred surface of our planet. The wheeled fiery contraption stands 10' tall and uses a small amount of wood for a big warm impact. She is made of 90% recycled materials found in scrap metal yards along with some new materials.

Second, we have the RED HOT COCK this is a 12' tall fiery teeter totter that is in the image of a rooster. The rooster is the waking bird of change who's call signals the new day! It is also a very efficient consumer of wood fuel and is made from recycled scrap metal and new materials.  

Third, will be MISTER NICE GUY. He is a starch staunch patchwork suit. He represents the corporate machine. Headless as well, he is to be built as the mate of HOT MAMA. He will be 10-12ft tall and built from scrap yard materials as well as purchased materials along with other found and appropriated objects.

Fourth, we would also like to include INFANITY from the work ranch as a bonus effigy representing the infantile state we are in regarding our use of energy. INFANITY will add visceral warmth & visual enticement for the masses.