Seattle Adventures 08

Burning Man 2008 (film)
Burning Man 2008 (digital)

Bonnaroo 08

Casper's Birthday #2
Easter 2008

Dubai 3.08
Bone Head

2nd Snow
1st Snow
New Years 07
Playtime 12.07
Christmas 07
Back & Forth
Thanksgiving 07
Play Time 11.07
Big Drum
North Carolina 10.07
Valdosta 10.07
Play Time

Burning Man 2007 (film)
Burning Man 2007 (digital)

South Africa (film)
Triple Bypass Burns
Moving Triple Bypass
South Africa (digital)
Bonnaroo 2007
Art Oustide 2007

Abby's Railing

Life With Casper
Casper 12-13 Months
Casper's 1st Birthday
Casper 10-11 Months
Casper 9-10 Months
Casper 8-9 Months
Burning Hot Mama NYE
Christmas 2006
The Making of Hot Mama
Casper 6-7 Months
Aquarium & Halloween Silliness
Red Dress Party
Casper 5-6 Months
Casper 5 Months
Casper Goes to Minnesota
Casper in Minnesota (film)
Casper 3 Months
Casper 10-12 weeks (California)
Casper 8-10 weeks
Bonnaroo 2006(digital)
Bonnaroo 2006 (film)
Casper 7 weeks (B&W)
Casper 5-6 weeks
Casper 3-5 weeks
Casper 2-3 weeks
Casper Xan

The Pregnancy
Pregnant Jaime
p-nut's first ultrasound

Pregnant Jaime II


Pregnant Jaime III
Pregnant Jaime IV

P-nut @ 21 weeks
p-nut's room w/fancy paintjob

Travels and Such 2005
Burningnam 2005(film)
Burningman 2005(digital)
San Francisco(abstract)
Fire Arts Festival-Oakland
Synapses SF 1st Fire
Critical Massive
Charlie's Tattoo
Jaime's Tattoo
LA-Seattle Trip
LA Arts Fest
Playa Del Fuego
Flipside 2005
Art in Freedom Park
Art Outside

Travels and such 2004

Burning Man 2003 photos:
Jon's photos
Joe Joe the Clown's photos from arseland
HeeBeeGeeBee Healer's camp photos

Arizona Decom:
Ken's photos from Az Burners

New Year's Eve:
photos by High Fire Colorado

Travels and Such, 2008

Aug 25-Sept 1 Fleeble Flobbler @ Burning Man -NV
June 21 Hot Cock Burns @ Alchemy Fundraiser-Atlanta, GA
June 12-15 The Art of Such n Such @ Bonnaroo, TN
March 7-8 Bone Head @ Desert Rock Festival-Dubai, UAE
Feb. 9 Teetering Cusps Burns @ End of the World-Atlanta, GA

Travels and Such, 2007

Dec 31 Chalice o Fire Burns @ Shoal Creek Studio-Decatur, GA
Dec 1- Jan 3 - Back & Forth @ 7 Stages Gallery - Atlanta, GA
November -Alter/Altar @ Kool Korner Gallery - Atlanta, GA
Aug 27-Sept 4 Contraptions @ Burning Man - Black Rock, NV

photo by Jaime Ladet
Jul 21 Triple Bypass burns - Cape Town SA

photo by Jaime Ladet
Jun 14-16 The Art of Such n Such @ Bonnaroo- TN
Mar 31 Hot Mama burns @ Art Ouside - Austin, TX
Mar 23 The Show & Tell Show - Atlanta, GA
Feb 17 Hot Mama burns Valoween @ Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA
Jan 13 Hot Mama in group show @ Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA

Travels and Such, 2006

Dec 31 Quadrapass Fundraiser NYE- Atlanta, GA
July 21-23 Transformus - Asheville, NC
June 16-18 The Art of Such n Such @ Bonnaroo

photo by Jaime Ladet

Photo by Jaime Ladet

Travels and Such, 2005

Photo by Jaime Ladet

Synapses Tour

We will be participating in some regional activities that coincide with our workshop dates. The Sculptures may be featured and shown in some of the regional art community events and exhibitions.

April 8-11 NYC Workshop- NYC
April 22-25 Atlanta Workshop- Atlanta GA
April 29-May 1 Freedom Park- Atlanta GA
May 7 RIPE- Atlanta GA
May 20-23 Austin Workshop- Austin, TX
May 26-30 FLIPSIDE- Austin, TX
June 3-6 L.A. Arts Fest-L.A., CA
June 9-12 L.A. Workshop- L.A., CA
June 17-19 Seattle Workshop- Seattle, WA
June 24-26 CRITICAL MASSIVE-Seattle, WA
July 8-11 SF Workshop- San Francisco, CA
July 15-17 FIRE ARTS FEST-Oakland, CA
August 23-September 7 BURNING MAN

Tunnel of Transformation Tour 2004:

these are the tentative plans for the spring shindigs.
things could change a bit but I don't know?
the regionals will have to budget for the transportation and fueling of the tunnel in order to make all this I am relying of confirmations from the leaders of each event to see if they really want this to happen??
I believe it will all work out in some kinda way....

TOAST Arizona= April 29 - May 5
RIPE Atlanta, GA=MAY 15th tunnel burns in Atlanta for regional burn.
FLIPSIDE Austin= may 27 - 31
SYNORGY Salt Lake City, UT=June 4,5,6
Gantry vs Paleo
Steamboat Springs, CO
Critical Massive Seattle, WA
Burning Bush=July 4th weekend
Fire Arts Festival Oakland, CA

Travels & Such since burning man 2003:

I left for burning man on the 14th of august 2003
08-15-03 Kansas City sleep
08-16-18-03 Denver with celia & fam
08-18-19-03 Salt lake city with Adriane Colvin & fam...
08-20-03 arrive to Black Rock City NEVADA
9-03-11-03 from the desert to ARIZONA with the tunnel (burn@ grovers)
09-12-14-03 a visit to DALLAS TX.
09-15-03 home in Atlanta from Burning man
09-20-23-03 Off to Steamboat Springs CO Decom (gantry burns)
10-05-03 ATLANTA low life quartet plays the Melvin & Ed show
10-08-14-03 LOS ANGELES to move Syds Planetarium to SF Decom
10-16-03 ATLANTA low life plays IG fest
10-19-03 ATLANTA IG closing party= teetering cusps burn at starlight drivein
10-28-11-06-03 AUSTIN TX. for Halloween fire show & discombobulator
11-07-03 NASVILLE TN meeting with Jim Nickle
11-11-18-03 SEATTLE sea-com and living puppet show
11-18-29 03 ATLANTA with Pheonix & Nasu play with fire time
11-29-12-03 SEATTLE to visit #1nice lady & gang
12-04-29-03 ATLANTA, preparations for work and new years eve burn
12-30-03-1-07-04 ATLANTA New Years and Capricorn birthday parties
01-07-22-04 ATLANTA Bucari tree, Nickle table, Elephants
01-22-28 04 SEATTLE to meet with burn reps and sculptors (NICE LADY)
01-28-02-02-04 LOS ANGELES to see dad and hang w/ Kestrin in Hollywood Ca.
02-03-13 -04 ATLANTA deliver & install Bucari tree, NIckle table, Elephants