Collaborative Budget

This project depends on three different sources for financial support. Following is the description of how the grants will support this art experience.

We propose that The Burning Man Project provide funding for the Raw materials, expendables and wood to burn the sculptures at Burning Man 2005.

We propose that The Participants of the workshops pay a fee for the educational section of the workshop. This fee will be on a sliding scale $150.00 - $300.00 per person as per income and need.   This funding by the participants in the community will aid the personal financial needs of the two persons traveling and teaching the workshops. This fee will also help to offset the investments made in the equipment purchased by the teachers.

We, Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet, propose that we will deviate from our normal lives to travel and work with the communities listed in the proposal. Together we will build this interactive social study of a sculpture for the Burning Man project 2005. We are using our vehicle and some of our existing equipment for this project. We will also be purchasing additional equipment for the project.   We will document with digital photography and create a website and blog to post images, updates, and tour schedules.   The website and blog will be linked to the Burning Man web site to share this information.   This can serve to promote the tour and the interactive nature of the project to the community.   We will be investing our time to drive and share the educational experience with the communities and participants who wish to collaborate with us in this project.