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A Six Part, Large Scale Burning Art Project for Burningman 2005

This will be the first interactive sculpture of its kind. A fully collaborative, group built, and cared for fire caldron.

Sculptural elements will be built in New York, Georgia, Texas, California, Washington, & Colorado by teams of 10 or more people of all levels of experience.

The workshops will be lead by Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet.

The sculptures will be transported to Burningman, assembled, burned and returned to each of the cites for use by their communities.

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For guidelines on getting involved Click Here

To get involved, choose the nearest city from the list below:

Atlanta, GA April 22-25

New York, NY April 8-11

Austin, TX May 20-23

Los Angeles , CA June 9-12

Seattle, WA June 17-20

Boulder, CO August 11-14