Synapses Tour 2005

We will be participating in some regional activities that coincide with our workshop dates. The Sculptures may be featured and shown in some of the regional art community events and exhibitions.

April 8-11 NYC Workshop- NYC

April 22-25 Atlanta Workshop- Atlanta GA

May 7th RIPE- Atlanta GA

May 20-23 Austin Workshop- Austin, TX

May 26-30 FLIPSIDE- Austin, TX

June 9-12 L.A. Workshop- L.A., CA

June 3-6 L.A. Arts Fest-L.A., CA

June 17-20 Seattle Workshop- Seattle, WA

June 23-26 Critical Massive-Lake Bronson, WA

July 8-11 SF Workshop-San Francisco, CA

July 15=17 FIRE ARTS FEST-Oakland, CA

August 23-September 7 BURNINGMAN