Workshop Description

The 10-15 participants of the workshop will have a hands on collaborative learning experience.   They will discover aspects of the layout and construction techniques involved in building the sculptural volume from metal. They will also be learning fabrication techniques which will include welding, plasma torch cutting, grinding & sanding to create the sculptural form.

Day One (Orientation) 4 hour meeting.

We will meet and get to know each other and what we are preparing to build.   We will go over the basic skills of welding and fabrication.   We will evaluate the plans for the sculpture and how it all fits together.   We will have an orientation of the equipment and how to use it.

Day Two (build day) 8-10hrs

We will split into groups and work on layout and parts preparations for the sculpture.   Each person in the workshop will cut, weld, sand and grind on the sculpture.   There will be no spectators in this workshop.   Everyone will do what they are capable of doing.

Day Three (finish day) 8-10hrs

We will work together in shifts welding, grinding and sanding on the sculptural sections. By mid-day we will be assembling the two sections.   We will then draw the regional icon onto the front of the sculpture and plasma cut it into the piece. Each participant will make a cut into the sculpture creating the symbolic icon that the community has designed.   We will assemble and admire the finished product of our hard work.

Day Four (clean up) 4hrs

  We will, as a group, clean up the space we used to build the sculpture .Then we will disassemble and pack the sculpture for shipment to Burning Man.

The criteria for the participants are based on the dedication and interest to learn, develop, and refine skills in metal fabrication and sculpture building.   No experience is necessary to participate.   However, possession of good motor skills is a plus.

There will be no alcohol, drugs, or smoking in the workshop. It is suggested to bring a lunch and/or snack with you.   There will be a one hour break in the middle of each day.