The Fire Birds of the Fifth Direction

Artist Introduction

Charlie Smith has a colorful artistic life that encompasses family, sculptural creations, performance art and the curation of interactive exhibits & happenings. He has received multiple national and international grants, commissions, and exhibition opportunities creating both sole and collaborative visions. His devotion to The Artistic has launched him to creating both fine and functional art works for public and private environments, corporations, experimental art communities, music & arts festivals and residential settings. Charlie enjoys working with other artists, architects, designers, contractors and engineers to create artistic vision. His Atlanta based design and build studio is tailored to specialize in one of a kind creations. The works created are made from metal materials sometimes mixed with wood, concrete, glass, stone and light. His use of volume, line, shape, form, and texture lend to intriguing playful and deliberate iconic and symbolic creations. His aesthetic is very unique and resonates with the environments and communities that he creates and affects through his work. Charlie‘s history of timely production schedules, communication skills, and the delivery of high quality products has allowed his success as an Artisan in the South East, across the United States and Abroad.