The Fire Birds of the Fifth Direction
Burn Schedule

All birds burn every night in a reverse order sequence -

Night 1 - Sunday @ midnight/Monday AM - SE, NE, NW and SW
Night 2 - Monday @ midnight/Tuesday AM - NE, NW, SW and SE
Night 3 - Tuesday @ midnight/Wednesday AM - NW, SW, SE and NE
Night 4 - Wednesday @ midnight/Thursday AM - SW, SE, NE and NW
Night 5 - Thursday @ midnight/Friday AM - All together w/ C.O.R.E Structures
Night 6 - Friday we move everything to another location
Night 7 - Saturday night we burn all at once w/ Cosmic Egg in the center

On Playa Volunteers needed -

Sign up here - or email artofsuchnsuch(at)gmail(dot)com we need atleast 12 people per night

Charlie Smith Charlie Smith Charlie Smith Charlie Smith
Tommy Hamilton Tommy Hamilton Tommy Hamilton Tommy Hamilton
Scott Dupree Dallas Swindle Xina Dallas Swindle
Abby Smith Will Albarez Stickmon Stickmon
Dallas Swindle Jessica Marshall Jessica Marshall Paul Jorgensen
Jessica Marshall Jay Wiggins Jay Wiggins Will Albarez
Glen T Aldo Banguilan Liz Harazim Penivek Arcade
Aldo Banguilan Brian Doherty Jack Benham Scott Dupree
Will Albarez Tim Watts Glen T Albatross
Tim Watts Lori Guarisco Aldo Banguilan Chantelle Rytter
Brian Doherty Penivek Arcade Will Albarez
Lori Guarisco Albatross Tim Watts
Chantelle Rytter Lori Guarisco
Move Sculptures
After Man ~ w/ EGG
Charlie Smith Charlie Smith Charlie Smith
Tommy Hamilton Tommy Hamilton Tommy Hamilton
Scott Dupree Jessica Marshall Abby Smith
Abby Smith Jay Wiggins Dallas Swindle
Shannon Chw Joiner Scott Dupree Shannon Chw Joiner
Jennifer Edge Jack Benham Jennifer Edge
Xina Glen T Scott Dupree
Will Albarez Paul Jorgensen Jessica Marshall
Stickmon Aldo Banguilan Paul Jorgensen
Jay Wiggins Will Albarez Aldo Banguilan
Glen T Brian Doherty Will Albarez
Paul Jorgensen Dallas Swindle Brian Doherty
Penivek Arcade Abby Smith Penivek Arcade
Liz Harazim Stickmon
Albatross Chantelle Rytter