The Fire Birds of the Fifth Direction


"HEY MAN lets go out and check out the man!" .." ok ok im almost ready i just gotta find the.". what seems like moments later...Your heading out in to the blinky light infested open playa a poof poof here a poof poof there here a fire there a fire every where a fire fire FIRE! "whats that thing! ... lets go see !" the frequents sounds of the night..."Were going to the man to check it out.. lets go !" as you approach the images of other effigies assembled around the great circle appear "hey that's the effigy i saw a flipside in 2005 Holey Shit! lets check it out.".."WHoA what's that over there.". a vibrant wave of heat large flames and cascading showers of embers flow though the sky.. laughter and chatter is abundant a large red orange glowing creature is surrounded by people.."Lets go over and check that thing out.". As you grow closer and the creature seems to be breathing fire throbbing with heat its head belching flames and images are transmitting from its glowing red hot body ... upon approach is seen an amazing bird like creature ablaze with folks from all over discussing their plans for the night ,what the effigies all around the man are about and what the images are about that glow from the body of the fire bird of the fifth direction.... after a few great conversations a ton of warmth and a few random performances take place.. you head off into the night on the next quest climb the man ..

In the creation and magical transformational sense of mythology, the manifestation of the bird figure mixed like the heron creation figure of the Egyptian to the winged snake of the Mayan, Aztec, and Toltec (Quetzalcoatl) to the Buddist and Tibetan ( man bird ) with other creature and human form has resonated as the central source of the beginning and or transition into the next level of human existence. With this, a reflection of our human transition as a subculture will be celebrated thru the four marks on the compass NE SE NW SW then adding the center of the circle culminating to form a sphere = the fifth direction.

Charlie Smith and his crew of inspirational artists will be holding workshops to get the community involved in this project. All workshops can be learned more about by clicking here.