The Fire Birds of the Fifth Direction

Fire Safety & Clean up

Fire & Burn Scar Prevention
This is an OPEN FIRE type sculpture that will burn wood as its main fuel source. Each sculptural Fire Bird will have a 20lb abc dry chemical fire extinguisher along with a five gallon bucket of water on board or in the proximity to the fire caldron during the firing of the vessels. There will be a scoop shovel along during the voyages to pick up and clean up as we travel round the playa if there were to be a spill. All of these sculptures contain their ash and coal in a steel basin or volume 16 inches or more above the playa.

Fuel & Wood Storage
The wood will be staged on a thick tarp that will cover & neatly maintain the wood pile during the week as it is used. The fuels we will be using to ignite the fires are bio diesel fuels along with paraffin wax. All flammable liquids will be safely stored in proper containers away from the wood storage area. There will be fire extinguishers openly displayed in the camp within proximity to the fuel storage areas.

Clean Up
The ashes will be removed from the playa in 40 gallon steel trash cans with lids. There will be one trash can for each caldron so that the left over content of the vessels can be removed properly, without a trace, from the playa zone. The wood chip and debris will be swept up and burned or removed along with the ash content of the moop. As our final cleanup, a detailed line sweep will be done in the areas where the wood and sculptures were kept.