The Fire Birds of the Fifth Direction


The Fire Birds of the Fifth Direction will be four (4) sculptures created to mark the four corners of the compass around the great circle of the Man. The fifth direction concept involves the traditional directional concept (NE, SE, NW & SW), mixed with the fifth direction, in this case being the central axis – “The Man”. The center of the pentagonal form of the city and center of the broken circle, held within will honor/reflect the vertical direction of upward to the sky and downward into the central core of the earth.

Each sculpture will stylistically reflect the four quadrants of the earth and will depict the nature of mythological and culturally motivated stylistic bird imagery such as the Quetzalcotal images of the Mayan culture mixed with imagery of the Northwest American Indian and etc.

This project is intended to serve as congregation zone for the community at large along with the C.O.R.E. project and stimulate Interactivity.

Interactivity is the key element of this art installation - Before even reaching the Playa, Citizens will be invited to assist in the off-site building of these beautiful collaborative creatures.

There will be five (5) workshop weekends scheduled in May, June and July. This project will be built directly at these workshops where we offer an open door to the community to join in and learn as we teach the community welding, plasma cutting and metal working concepts.

These workshops will be starting over the next couple of weeks, so get signed up today and get ready for the ride!

In addition to the five workshops we will be hosting a fundraiser or two, so keep your eyes peeled and ears open, you never know what we may do........